The Braid Kit

The Braid Kit


(12 customer reviews)

2 Amazingly awesome MUST HAVES for protective styles of Braids Locks or Twists (BLT).. In this package, you get a) Edge and Braid Control Pomade (4oz) b) Braid and Conrow Control Foam

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Black panther edge control gel is a 24hr hold, non flaking and no greasy edge tamer. Using a small amount can go a long way when braiding or slicking down hair. Not only is it an edge control but it also provides conditioning and stimulates growth. After getting the desired hair look you can lock it in with black panther braid control foam.

Black panther edge control foam is a seal that stops braids from fraying. It’s lightweight and fast dying as well. It’s best used when braids are freshly done with black panther edge control gel and will keep it looking fresh for about 2-3 weeks.

For best results its best to us both products together to get a sleek and held down hairstyle with no flyaways.

12 reviews for The Braid Kit

  1. mary hayes

    this bundle is what i need for my travels keeps my hair in order during my travels

  2. jennifer harris

    i always use this two products together and they keeps my braids and edges in order.

  3. amanda O’Brien

    a bundle that solve your braids locks and edge problem. its good for the price

  4. nancy cambell

    the two products you need to keep your edges and braid tidy on a budget. cleaned and lays my edges perfectly

  5. precious Hughes

    love the two product and its combination i use to keep my locks looking well laid and clean

  6. jane smith

    a combination you thought you never needed; especially for your travels and last minute get aways

  7. sophia ubani

    two product i tried that does what it says it does. very glad i saw this product. makes my life easy and do not have to worry about my braids and edges

  8. ngozi eze

    this combination is all you need for your hair. carry on my travel helps keep my locks clean and Lucious and edges control for my edges

  9. maria garcia

    best investment you could make for your hair. the form is like magic juice for my braids and the edge control helps with laying my edges

  10. maya ugwu

    i just bought this two product and tried them together. its’s the best decision in a long time, the mousse will keep your braids fresh and renewed and the edge control will help lay the edges and keep it laid.

  11. amy carter

    this two product and brand is all you need to daily upkeep of your hair and i love it and will continue using it

  12. heather harris

    these two product is simply amazing and using them together is just wonderful

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