Edge & Braid Control Pack

Edge & Braid Control Pack

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If you can’t decide which edge control to choose, try all 3.
a) Edge and Braid Control Pomade
b) Vegan Edge and Braid Control with Biotin
c) Edge and Braid Control Elite
They come in 1 oz (travel sizes).
These 1 oz options are not individually sold.

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a) Edge and Braid Control Pomade
Our original and signature firm-hold braid pomade that’s specially formulated to control edges, add definition and hold your braids in place all day long.

b) Vegan Edge and Braid Control with Biotin
Our Vegan option with Biotin is a multidimensional edge control that provides firm hold, soft sheen and natural looking definition.

c) Edge and Braid Control Elite
Our newest and strongest briad gel to tame your edges and define your style. This non flaking, non greasy formula works great on all hair textures and styles.


Edge and Braid Control Pomade
Purified water,
Musa Sapientum,
Hydrogenated Castor oil
Peg -7
Aloe Vera Extract
Coconut oil
Castor oil
Beewax oil

Vegan Edge and Braid Control with Biotin
Purified Water
Ceteareth 25
Musa Sapientum
Castor oil
Aloe vera
Propylene Glycol
Coconut oil
Sunflower seed oil
Rosemary Leaf extract
Provitamin B5
Biotin (vitamin H)

Edge and Braid Control Elite
Ultra Purified H20
Ceteareth 25
Hydrogenated Castor oil
Glyceryl Cocoate
Polysorbate 20
Polyster 5
ProVitamin B5
Jojoba oil
PEG Beewax
Vitamin E
Yellow #5


How to Use

Start with clean, dry hair: Make sure your hair is clean and dry before applying the edge control. You can wash and blow-dry your hair if necessary.

Section your hair: If you're working with a large amount of hair, it may be helpful to section it off so that you can focus on your edges one small section at a time.

Apply a small amount of edge control: Use your fingertip or a small brush specifically designed for applying edge control products. Take a small amount of the Black Panther Strong Edge Control and apply it to the edges of your hair. You only need a small amount; too much can make your edges appear greasy.

Smooth and style: Use a small brush, a toothbrush, or your fingertips to smooth and style your edges. Work the edge control product into your hair, taming any flyaways and creating the desired shape for your edges. You can create sleek, curved, or straight edge styles depending on your preference.

Hold in place: Once you've styled your edges as desired, hold them in place for a few seconds to allow the edge control to set.

Add more product if needed: If your edges are particularly unruly or if you want a stronger hold, you can apply a bit more edge control and restyle.

Set the style: To ensure your edges stay in place throughout the day, you can use a hairspray or a light-hold gel to lock in the style.

Wash hands and tools: After applying the edge control, be sure to wash your hands to remove any product residue. Clean your brush or applicator if used.

Great for edges, braids, locks, twists, dreds.

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