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Black Panther Strong Braid Control Foam is ideal for customizing braids, locks, and twists. This high definition braid foaming mousse contains special blends of proteins and extracts to strengthen hair, repair breakage and add a brilliant, polished finish to your crown. Ingredients: Aloe vera extract, wheat protein, panthenol, glycerin, castor oil

The Ultimate Braid Finisher Seal and set braids to perfection. Stops braids from fraying and will not revert hair. Light weight and fast drying. Non sticky, non flaking. Best when used on freshly braided hair (first 2 to 3 weeks) BRAIDERS CHOICE BRAIDERS LOVE IT! Customize your Braids Locks and Twists (BLT) with the awesome Black Panther Conrow Control Foam. It contains our special blends of proteins and jojoba oil to strengthen hair, repair breakage and add moisture to your crown. PREPARE TO CREATE! After completing the braiding, locks or twists (BLT) process, seal and set the braids while locking in moisture and conditioning with our CONROW CONTROL FOAM. Add the foaming mousse to achieve that brilliant polished finish and set to perfection.

Weight7.25 oz


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