Meet R'wanda,

She resides in the great city of angels but her place of origin is shrouded in shadows. She had just started her freshman year in college and life was returning back to normal after the great plague. One weekend out the month she’d return home to help out her neighbor, the old woman with all the cats, with much needed chores around the house. One such fateful weekend while clearing out the cellar R’wanda discovered a cobweb covered chest. She brought it upstairs to the old woman. The old woman looked at R’wanda for what seemed like an eternity sighed and said “well the time has come”. She carefully opened the chest and handed R’wanda the contents. 

“Edge control?!” R’wanda exclaimed. “Your Great Grand Father fought in the 761st tank battalion also known as the Black Panthers in WWII, he was privy to many secrets, this being one of them.”

R’wanda was speechless. She had never heard of her Great Grandfather and now the old lady with all the cats was giving her a package from him. 

“Go ahead, use it child, it’s your birthright.”

From the first time R’wanda applied it she knew her life would never be the same.

Not only does this special 24hr edge control put her edges on fleek but also empowers her with ancestral wisdom, martial arts skills, and crime fighting super powers.

Will R’wanda be able to balance life as she knew it along with these new powers and added  responsibilities??

Use it to find out!

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