About Us

Welcome to Black Panther and Root, USA.

Beginning in 1991, we are a family owned world class cosmetic company based in Los Angeles CA. We are committed to producing the highest quality of personal cosmetics through sustainable principles and manufacturing practices, exceeding client expectations and achieving market leadership.  We are committed researchers, compounders, manufacturers and wholesalers using quality ultra high end food grade ingredients through our state of the art laboratories, chemists and compounders on site

Black Panther and Roots is built on the pillars of fair trade, local employment opportunities, and elevating eco-conscious practices, while processing it and producing the finest quality products using the purest-raw ingredients in the industry. We have worked relentlessly in California and the west coast for over 30 years to become one of the largest black owned cosmetic manufacturing companies in the western United States. We also reach out to communities across Africa and the Caribbean educating them on the importance of keeping the environment clean and to raise the awareness on maintaining good personal hygiene. 

Our mission is human centered—providing safe and exceptional working conditions, full operational transparency, and complete access from supplier to consumer. And as a company of great integrity, blackPantherand Roots believes in equal opportunity for all. Through its journey to strengthen the local community, a portion of all sales go back to funding and curating resources to empower the public to become leaders of their environment and masters of their life path.

In addition to the care for the end user, our manufacturing process is truly sympathetic to the environment. We believe our range of products deliver an opportunity for the entire US market to experience great products at superior quality and competitive prices. We are now keen to partner with top-grade wholesalers and retailers in expanding our market footprint. With that being said any of our lovely customers can also support us by shopping black panther and Roots today and support the vision in transforming the community.

Thanks so much for your attention and please find it convenient to stay in touch through our social media handles, links and platforms.
If you have any questions, please email us at info@blackpantherstrong.com

Warm regards,
Richard Omordia